Video Conferencing

Powerful On-Premise Video Conferencing Hardware

AVer’s SVC & EVC Video Conferencing Systems provide an affordable, on-premise H.323-based video conferencing experience, including a video conferencing codec with all necessary features built in. Protocol support includes SIP and WebRTC for wide-ranging compatibility with both legacy equipment and the newest video conferencing platforms.

Software Add-ons

AVer SVC/EVC software add-ons are developed to provide you a number of handy and free software tools that help you enhance your video conferencing experience.


VCAssist is the intelligent meeting mobile assistant for your AVer SVC100 and 500 series conferencing systems. Simply connect VCAssist with your Outlook Account and begin organizing your meetings! VCAssist connects with your Outlook account to filter, optimize, and schedule your meeting invitations immediately and update you on your phone, so you are always prepared for your next video call (Sending Invitations not Available on iOS). With VCAssist users can even control their SVC system from their phone for full control of what’s in view. Supporting the AVer WebTool App, the SVC100/500 series help you achieve the efficient video conferencing you deserve. VCAssist lets you connect, engage, and collaborate with smooth efficiency so you actually get to enjoy your video conferencing session.

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Collaborative Software for Business
AVer’s EZDraw app is a cutting-edge tool for collaborative communication on AVer’s EVC300 video conferencing systems. Available for either Android tablets or iPads, EZDraw lets EVC300 users draw, write and highlight on either a shared desktop or shared virtual interactive whiteboard, making it even easier to share ideas, discuss proposals and build consensus with colleagues too far away for face to face meetings. Edited images can be easily saved in the popular PNG format, allowing you to keep an easily-accessible record of the discussion process.

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The EZMeetup mobility software/app is a practical, collaborative program designed especially for AVer’s multipoint video conferencing systems. It allows users to extend video conferencing from traditional conference rooms to desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. As SIP servers, AVer multipoints can allow 3 to 9 EZMeetup users to register and communicate with each other. Users will enjoy clear images and sound, ensuring that those important people can enjoy high-quality video conferencing wherever they are.

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Easy playback on PCs and notebooks
With this handy software, AVer VC users can wirelessly share PC content to all sites instantly during video conferences. Simply connect your PC to your VC system using ScreenShare to begin showing PowerPoint presentations, online content, spreadsheets, pictures, text files and more, all without ever leaving your seat. With ScreenShare there is no mess of cables to fuss with, so you can devote your full attention to the task at end.

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View and manipulate recorded conferences with the latest version of this specially designed video playback software. Watch video files recorded using AVer’s exclusive one-touch recording feature and even change the layout during playback to catch details you might have otherwise missed. If you need to view the video using another media player, just convert the video from its original format to the more widely used .mov format using VCPlayer’s easy conversion tool.

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